Württemberger Hof


State Garden Show 2016

The State Garden Show is aimed at the sustainable and permanent development of urban green spaces. With this funding programme from the state of Baden-Württemberg the opportunity arises for Öhringen to complete the connected development of the areas from the Hofgarten in the centre of town along the Ohrn river as far as the Cappelaue.


The focus in the area of the Hofgarten is on dealing with the historical heritage in a contemporary way. The designs mediate between the objectives of the preservation of monuments and the creation of modern structures. Some areas of the Hofgarten are being restored, others are having contemporary elements added to them. A similar approach is also being applied to the private Hofgut Cappel, which is a historical counterpart to the Hofgarten. Gentle topography, orchards and ditches lined by hedges stand for the almost typical ideal landscape of the Cappelaue. As a result, the design holds back in terms of creativity. New paths and locations are being carefully integrated into the terrain.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Upper German-Raetian Limes crosses the garden show grounds over a distance of 500m. Making this border visible at the same time as protecting the landscape is a challenge. The Ohrn river connects the areas of the grounds and is supposed to be ecologically upgraded along its course from the Cappelaue over the Cappelrain as far as into the Hofgarten. After moving the tennis court the Ohrn river bed could be widened out and diverted southwards.