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TIME package....


The most precious asset in the world. Time for yourself, time for your family. Time for a cosy twosome. Time to regenerate and relax your body and soul, time to leave your hectic everyday life behind.

Simply take some time for once and stop for just one moment.


·         TIME out – a short break from everyday life

·         Feasting TIME – culinary experiences

·         Easter TIME – a relaxing spring awakening

·         Christmas TIME – gently falling snow

·         Play TIME – package for festivals

·         Active TIME – a rolling stone gathers no moss

·         Free TIME – group adventures

·         Party TIME – see the New Year in with dancing and fun

·         Paw TIME – 4 stars for 4 paws

·         Celebration TIME – 2014 calendar

We hope you have a wonderful TIME here with us.


Sandra Fleischer-Kontrin

Front Office Manager
Phone:+49 7941 9200-0

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